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Position: ERP specialist
Direct superior: HR & Admin Manager
Direct subordinates: no

Job responsibilities:
1, ensure the normal running of ERP system, deal with run-time problems (ERP process, the production process andsupply chain processes, marketing business processes, basic data maintenance etc.);
2, combined with the actual situation of the company to make corresponding adjustments and settings for the ERPsystem;
3, to assist the relevant departments to review the optimization of existing processes, to meet the system requirements;
4, the maintenance of normal and safe operation of the ERP server;
5, BOM and basic data maintenance and management; ERP server maintenance settings;
Maintenance treatment 6, all kinds of ERP system fault; all kinds of documents a set and adjust;
7, organize the company ERP management standard rules and regulations, make daily work and management rules;
8, check the related ERP documents and operation process, and the implementation of assessment;
9, to develop contingency plans established to deal with all kinds of unexpected situation and fast recovery scheme;
10, regularly submit to management department work report to supervisor executive leadership and implementation;
11, indirectly responsible for network maintenance, computer management.

1, college degree or above, accounting, computer related professional graduates;
2, there are more than 2 years relevant work experience, have strong learning ability, the ability of resistance, had better use EXCEL based;
3, adhere to the principles, flexibility, to coordinate the relationship between the various departments, outgoing personality, be able to adapt to short-term repeated assignment and training work.

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