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Position: HR & Admin Specialist
Direct superior: HR & Admin Manager
Direct subordinates: no

Job responsibilities:
1, development, maintenance, evaluation, analysis, expand the recruitment channels;
2, the executive recruitment, selection, interview, selection, placement work;
3, the establishment and maintenance of personnel files, employee roster, update employee personal information and data timely;
4, according to the regulations requiring the company responsible for the implementation of employee attendance,turnover management and other daily work;
5, responsible for employee social insurance, housing fund, file transfer, etc.;
6, responsible for statistical personnel monthly and report, to assist the superior in mastering the status of human resources;

More than 1, human resources or related professional bachelor degree;
2, has certain organization coordinated ability, good level of Chinese, document writing foundation;
3, more than two years of relevant working experience, consultant experience is preferred;
4, HR recruitment experience, familiar with relevant national laws and regulations;
5, gentle, patient, active, honest, loyal and trustworthy, serious working;
6, skilled use of office software, have basic network knowledge.

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